Why Co-Work?

By October 5, 2016Articles

Co-working is a collaborative-type environment in which people from different businesses work together in the same room as if they belonged to the same company. It’s a concept that works well for the same reason that fitness centers are so successful – the influence of others working hard to achieve their goals is motivating and promotes the self-discipline needed to stay on task to get the job done.

There is also something to be said about paying rent for a workspace.  When one makes such a financial commitment, there’s a sense of urgency to work hard to recoup the costs of the investment and turn a profit.
Virtual Office solutions allow an individual to meet with clients in a professional atmosphere, often at many different locations and for a low monthly fee.  These plans allow business owners to cater to their clients’ needs and also have the benefit of a refreshing change of work environment.  This is not only a very cost effective way to “office,” it also helps drive inspiration while fighting off the monotony of routine.

Networking and collaboration are additional benefits that come from working in this type of environment.  People in co-working spaces tend to view their lunch break as a chance to mingle, trade ideas, and form business relationships.  Networking can help get the word out about your business, troubleshoot a problem, and see a different angle on a topic.  Two (or more!) minds are always greater than one.

Co-Working Space Examples

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I’m Carla Stewart, I was introduced to co-working when I began working as a Business Center Manager at Office Evolution in Centerville, Utah.  I have witnessed many entrepreneurs utilize this type of workspace solution to accomplish their objectives without incurring crippling occupancy expenses.  If you want to be part of a harmonious, active environment with like minded people, contact me at (801) 326-0208.