When it comes to Social Media, in many ways, it’s very easy to get LOST. It can be so difficult to cut through all the noise and be heard.

utah_small_business_coalition_-jason-barattiero_ason-robert-media_9waysThere is an epidemic with smaller businesses today and that epidemic is a very harmful thing called Obscurity. What is this? It’s quite simple actually, it’s the harmful affects of simply not being seen or found out there in the world.

It follows the age old question… If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to see it, does it really make a sound? The same question is applied to business. If no one is there to see your business does it make a sound or does it really exist? The answer is still yes, it does, but the results are still the same. No sales. With out being seen, how can you expect to survive?

You see, entrepreneurs that are failing in business aren’t always failures, they simply don’t know how to be seen. Of course its a whole other matter if your product just isn’t valuable enough to be sold, but that is truly a rare thing. I have seen people sell the most random things that are truly invaluable to anyone in this world but they did it because they were seen and they knew how to create a story that was enticing for customers to be apart of. They sold millions.

One of the ways that I am truly passionate about getting out of obscurity is by using Social Media. And even on Social Media there still exists Social Media Obscurity. I have put together nine ways to get seen on Facebook.

1. Host a Contest 

Nothing grabs attention like a good old contest to win something! You could be giving away a paper bag and I swear people will still want to win it. It’s exciting to win free things. That being said, however, the most powerful contests give away something that is pertinent and relevant to their needs. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

2. Create a Content Calendar 

Create a month or at least two week content calendar for all the Social Media platforms you are on. This will make your life so much easier to keep things organized.

Efficiency can sink or float a company. Don’t make your path to success harder than it already needs to be. Stay organized or you will find yourself trying to catch up and trying to always find things that are lost. Use a content calendar.

Also, make sure you stay up on current events happening in your industry. People want to know exciting and relevant things… if they didn’t, the NEWS would never exist.

3. “Ask Me Anything” Campaign

This helps you show that your customers can trust you and they get to interact with you.

Build relationships of trust! Set yourself up in status and become the professional and leader. Bring on guests as well or current clients. Mostly, make this fun and entertaining!

4. Social Media Takeover

This is super fun and in many cases you will see large companies or celebrities do this. It’s fun to shake things up with a new voice and personality.

Choose someone that is congruent to your industry or another entrepreneur that can also help you client with a complimentary service. I think it goes unsaid, you don’t want to do this with your competitor. Have fun with this! Don’t forget the fun personalities in the office. If you have other departments in your business then find someone fun in IT or Accounting that will take over the platform for the day.

5. Share, Retweet, Repin & Regram

If you find something super interesting… share it with your audience. Chances are some of them will find it interesting as well.

There is nothing wrong with occasionally reposting or sharing other thought leaders’ content. It makes the world go around. Share away!

6. Video Clips

Keep Them Short and powerful! You want to provide value without crossing that line where they lose interest.

On Facebook, videos still carry the most weight on interaction and engagement. This helps you be seen by thousands and if you go viral you will be seen by millions.

7. Tutorials 

These can be powerful if your product is hard to use or if many people have questions and it may even cut down on your customer service calls. FAQ page posts help clients and customers feel like you are listening. Talk to your customer service and see what the most common questions are and post with answers to them. Do this in a positive way. This is your time to show your caring and helpful side.

8. Re-purpose Older Content 

Strong thought leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk is constantly doing reposting and regurgitating older content that becomes relevant again. He isn’t the only one.… It’s helpful and re-inspiring. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. But, make sure you also have original stuff too and aren’t only posting old things.

Also, don’t shy from using content from one platforms and posting it onto another. Just make sure you are writing the post in the native language so that it is congruent to the platform environment and does not stick out awkwardly.

9. Live Stream! 

Make this fun! This is a chance for your audience to share the same space, time, and emotion with you all at the same time, but LIVE! Do your Q & A’s this way or do some fun videos that get the crowd interested. Be goofy but stay cool. This is where you want to have that reality show feel!

These are great ways to get you started as there are so many ways to get seen on social media. Start slow but mostly just start! Social Media can be forgiving so have fun and don’t offend, but mostly have fun!

If you have questions, find me on Facebook: @jasonrobertmedia

About the Author:

utah_small_business_coalition_-jason-barattiero_ason-robert-media_bioJason Barattiero [Bara•tee•aro], Founder of Jason Robert Media. Jason is a father and husband first and an entrepreneur second. He has been running Social Media for businesses for over 7 years now all with a goal of getting them to be seen and driving sales to their front door through advertising on Social Media and his ability to architect lead pages that convert his customers’ clients.